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AppstoreSpy’s API – Your fresh and keen metadata

Topics covered in this article:

  • Introducing AppstoreSpy’s App Store API
  • Guide on how to use AppstoreSpy’s API
  • Main functionalities and powers of AppstoreSpy’s API
  • Benefits of using AppstoreSpy’s API

The fast "request-response" system is now the main attraction in the IT sphere. APIs are innovative tools that take businesses to another level with their services. Different organizations are using APIs instead of creating their own navigation, communication, or payment systems.

AppstoreSpy’s API is ready to make the process of getting and monitoring data about apps and their metrics, and uploading publicly available contact data according to certain criteria for app developers and marketers much easier. The REST architectural system and customized features help visualize information and find keen insights. This tool is available only on the Business Plan.

Introducing AppstoreSpy’s App Store API

AppstoreSpy is an app store analytics service for Android and iOS. Three years ago, we started to work on our API system, trying to make the product suitable for app marketers, app managers, data analysts, sales managers, and professional agencies who are looking to perform fast, comprehensive fast marketing research and find fresh insights using ready-made codes for the most common scenarios. For app developers, AppstoreSpy’s API is a comfortable and flexible platform to get all the necessary data. Note that it’s only available on the Business Plan.
For our team currently, the API is the main product, so we are constantly looking for different ways to upgrade it and make the process of importing data faster.

Guide on how to use AppstoreSpy’s API

The first step is to register on our platform for the Business Plan and receive a unique API Key, which will be generated by our team.

AppstoreSpy's API
The second step is to set up the API. Press the button Try it out to show the fields that are transmitted to the JSON documentation. If the settings are correct, the API is ready to begin working.

AppstoreSpy's API
The third step is to go to the API dashboard, where there's an API token and links to our documentation with codes. Every Business Plan has 12,000 monthly credits; every extra 25K, 120K and 220K are paid.

Main functionalities and powers of AppstoreSpy’s API

AppstoreSpy’s API has a big variety of code for different tasks, which makes it more adaptable for a wide range of use cases.
We work with a new architectural system, REST, which makes efficient internet usage more convenient because there’s less bandwidth. Moreover, this type of system uses JavaScript or Python.
AppstoreSpy’s API provides fast access to metadata with details on 13 million apps in 100 countries. It also:

  • Accumulates useful and detailed data about apps and their metrics;
  • Constantly monitors app changes;
  • Removes positions in search results by keywords;
  • Uploads publicly available contact data according to certain criteria, which helps with the further work of the sales department. Using our API, clients will get information about:
  • App metadata, developers, reviews, and positions in ratings from the database;
  • The history of metadata changes and positions;
  • Live data from stores;
  • Live search results for all available countries. For instance, when working with our API, users can create a bot that will have all the necessary data and transfer it to their end users. Some agencies even take data from our API, and their developers use it for their own purposes. When compared to manual search, the API speeds up the process of finding data.

Benefits of using AppstoreSpy’s API

The good thing about AppstoreSpy’s API is the wide range of countries (around 100), which will make the process of searching metadata more detailed, and help discover the latest data and trends in JSON format. Our API contains all the necessary information about the capital city, regions, country code, languages, etc., and supports Python and JavaScript.
Working with clients on a regular basis provides the opportunity to customize the API by adding new functionalities, new types of code, and new visualizations that greatly simplify the process of using the API.
There’s an opportunity to find specific data with advanced query, see the history of changes, and get updates, plus using live format will import the fresh data from AppstoreSpy in a few seconds.
To sum up, AppstoreSpy’s API is a worthy tool for getting metadata (including specified data) from an app fast, easy, and effectively.

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