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Appwrite 0.7: Introducing Built-in Brotli Compression for Improved API Performance

The new Appwrite version introduces Brotli compression support for faster HTTP communication and optimized network usage.

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The new Brotli compression in Appwrite is optional, and you can control how you want to use it using your standard HTTP encoding headers. If your end client doesn’t support it, Appwrite will skip it automatically. The new compression support will continue to work alongside the classic gzip compression Appwrite already supported.

Got here, but you’re new to Appwrite? Appwrite is an end-to-end backend server packaged as a set of Docker micro-services that are really easy to set up and learn. Appwrite provides developers with all the core APIs, tools, and SDKs required to build a modern app. Appwrite can save you lots of time and is pretty fun to use.

What is Brotli?

Brotli is also a compression algorithm like GZIP. It is developed and maintained by Google and is best used for text compression. The reason being, it uses a dictionary of common keywords and phrases on both client and server-side and thus gives a better compression ratio. In version 0.7 of Appwrite, you can enable the Brotli compression for any JSON or text-based response. Actually, the new Brotli support has significantly improved the Appwrite dashboard loading times.

Client Support

As of 2021, Brotli is supported by all major web browsers, but if you’re using the Appwrite server API and your HTTP client supports Brotli, you can use it to improve performance and reduce your network bandwidth.

What’s Next?

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If you’re new to Appwrite, you can try and install it. It will take you only 2.5 minutes. After you got yourself a copy of the Appwrite server, you can check some of our getting started guides for Web, Flutter, or Server, and visit our Discord community where we chat about Appwrite non-stop.

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