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search Index with AWS- S3 is failing

Hi, I tried to create index with (search-index npm module) with a different backend (AWS -S3 bucket) using the s3leveldown module as a DB store option. The Index is being created, but while querying using _SEARCH/ QUERY methods, the result set is inappropriate. Like for eg, when I initialise the DB with the S3 bucket and use the PUT method to add documents, where my text is "Final is the file name".. and "what is the version" . This is how its created ::

current Indexed one:: { key: 'description:file#0.60', value: [ '1635744247556-1-1' ] }.
Another one:: { key: 'description:version#0.50', value: [ '1635744285856-1-1' ] }

I am able to see the above in my store, when I do a createReadStream. But when my search keyword is "version", my expected result should be only the 2nd indexed document. But it gives me both 1st and 2nd.I tried using both _SEARCH/ QUERY methods, but both r giving same wrong/additional results.
I took reference from the below test folder examples:: .
Can someone guide on the correct approach for implementing other backend store options like AWS-S3 ?

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