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Help using Animated Icons with React and What is your fav animated icons library?

Greetings Dev Community
I am exploring animated icons which are super cool. One awesome library I came across was Lord Icons ( They have some killer icon animations and I was trying to find a way to implement this in my React/Gatsby project πŸ™Œβ€οΈ.

Unfortunately, they do not have a React example on their Github and I am having some issues with getting it to work after trying to follow their examples😬

Does anyone here wanna help me tackle this? I am hoping we can submit a React documentation to them once we figure it out!

Who else is using animated icons with React and what library are you using? Please submit recommendations below πŸ™

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Malte Hecht • Edited

They seem to use lottie for creating their animated icons. So i guess you can use react-useanimations ( to control them. react-useanimations is actually using lottie-web under the hood so you could use that as well (