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HTML SASS Starter kit with Parcel

Parcel is an amazing zero-config bundler. (You know bundlers right? Like webpack?) It has out of the box support for so many things that we generally do. It is very fast when compared to others in this domain.

Having said that, you can use it for popular frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and so on. So many things can be done with it. This awesome list 🕶 speaks about it.

My goal was something different. I wanted it for basic use. Like, for building small websites (or just a page) with HTML and Sass (or SCSS, you may say). Parcel is great for this too.

I have been a fan of DevTips and modified their starter-kit to use Parcel. The cool thing is that it has support for ES6 and does code-splitting out of the box (#OOTB).

Here is the repo:

Keep on Hacking ✌🏻

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Thanks for the starter kit, Aravind. I have been using gulp and wanted to try parcel. Can you explain the difference between the two? I can't seem to get my head around it.