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What is Arccticy™?

Arccticy™ Chat

What is it?

Arccticy™ Chat is an open-source, simple, (for now), chat platform.

Current team:

Product Manager: (1 person)@dudeactualdev

Head Developer: (2 ppl)(Taken - @Lankdev @StringentDev)(Advantages: Team Admin)

Designer: (2 people)(Open - @ch1ck3n))

Back-end development: (3 people)(Available - @natethemaker, @zplusfour)

Marketing Assistant: (1 person)(Taken - @natethemaker)

Developer: (2 people)(Available)

What's planned:

  • Design

    • User Interface
    • Landing Page
    • Components
    • Templates
    • Desktop app with Electron.JS (All devs)
    • Mobile app with Flutter? (Optional)
    • Skeleton shimmers (better than using a circular indicator as it tells the user what type of content to expect)
  • Implement

    • SPA routing (No reloading for moving channels/servers and to all pages)
    • Video Chat (P2P?)
    • Custom Database module (Stringent)
    • API server (Stringent)
    • Clusters module (standard nodejs module)
    • Subscription service using API (NOT POSSIBLE ON REPL)

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