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5 tech companies with pay transparency hiring remote developers right now

Salary. Job seekers want to know what companies are offering as early as possible. While most employers do not disclose salary information to candidates, about 10% of companies we analyzed do so. That’s good news because in today’s hot job market, you have the upper hand. You can choose to apply to companies that respect your time by being upfront.

So here are 5 companies you should check out — they are hiring remote software developers and had disclosed pay in the sampled job ads.

DuckDuckGo is an internet privacy company.

Currently hiring for 4 engineering positions

Salary information shared: Exact number

Helpscout builds tools for the world's most customer-centric businesses.

Currently hiring for 4 engineering positions

Salary information shared: Pay range

Toggl’s mission is to eliminate stress from the workplace.

Currently hiring 7 software developers.

Salary information shared: Exact number

Remote simplifies how companies employ global talent.

Currently hiring for 10 engineering positions.

Salary information shared: The lower end of the pay range

Hubstaff is a startup in the time tracking and project management space.

They have 4 open engineering positions.

Salary information shared in some of the roles: Pay range

For names of companies that disclose perks and the hiring process, check out the full report here.

Here is a snapshot:

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