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Android App Developer Tools

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Ankit Kumar


Description Link
Device Stats (device dimensions + security info)
Dev drawer (Dev app list widget)
Mat Log (log cat app)
Kinetic (generate java code from motion)
Libraries for developers (open source libs + examples)
AIDE (IDE app for developing on mobile/tablet)
Codeboard (keyboard for coding)
Good intentions (generate custom intents)
Rest Client for Android
Rx Marbles (RxJava operation diagrams)
JSON Genie (JSON file editor)
Intent Intercept (read intent data)
Dex Explorer (read app dex/app files)
Dev Tiles (quick settings tiles for develper settings)
Activity Launch Modes (e.g. SingleInstance etc.)
Dev Wigdet (widget to filter certain apps with uninstall link)


Description Link
Accessibility Scanner (Google app accessibility checker)
Port droid (Network tools)
Fake GPS
Lockito (another gps spoofer)
Beacon Tools (register/test with Google)
Hosts Editor (edit device hosts file)
Fill RAM (simulate low RAM)
Wake lock detector



Description Link
Keyline pushing (screen layout grid overlay)
Material cue (screen layout grid overlay)
Gridwichterle (screen layout grid overlay)
Screen joining
Real Colorado (palette app)
Pixel ruler (on screen measurement)
Pixolor (floating colour picker overlay)
Material Design colour palette
Material Styler (material colour helper)

Play Store App Listing

Description Link
Google Play Developer Console App
Play Services info
Screener (device image framer)
Telecine (screen record)
Clean status bar (clean up screen shots)


Description Link
Kotlin Kōans
Enki: Learn better code, daily


Description Link
MyFtp server
AppExplore (explore manifest, resources & packages)
IP Widget (display IP of device & other info)
Gif Me Five (useful for created animated gif's from videos)
Show Java (APK decompiler app)
App Info Mini (Show foreground app stats in notification)
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Ankit Kumar

Will remove dead links soon.. thanks for valuable comment.