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What is the policy on sharing articles on Twitter?

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So I was wondering why doesn't share my 'weekly web roundups' on Twitter. Of course that is totally your choice, but I'm not sure why. Aren't they any good, do they cannibalize on your articles? I'll gladly work on improvements if needed!


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Hey Arden, the answer here is that we kind of let it slip through our radar on Friday. It's great content and should go out every week. It's going to be tweeted this morning. Thanks for the heads up. Everyone in this thread is a bit right, but we need to get more clear about how we do things.


In no way I want to pressure you to share a specific post or so, but I just thought that if there were certain criteria I'd do my best to live up to them! Thanks for the answer, the kind words and the sharing! πŸ™πŸ½


That makes total sense. I guess I already published quite some articles here πŸ˜…


I think they do it based on the popularity of the article. But @ben should know more.

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