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Getting Started with Firebase- Part 1 - Firebase Basics Series

It often Happens that you have a wonderful idea and you know how it will look and function, you start with the Frontend & designs then as you come to the backend part you got totally messed.

From user Authentication to Web Hosting everything gets harder and costlier to maintain all by own at initial levels on any project.

To avoid these problems and run our project at production level we have FIREBASE, firebase provides all the backend stuffs as service and we as developer can use it and keep our apps running at free of cost until our app scales up.

The firebase is popular because it's easy to use and have well documented SDKs it supports almost all popular language.

Services Provided by Firebase

Firebase logo
As I mentioned earlier firebase basically gives you backend-as-service, so it will provide you:

  • Databases
  • User Authentication
  • Web Hosting
  • File Storage
  • Analytics

And there are many other things too, which will help you like adMob(for ads) and Crash-Reports and Push Notification ...

In this Series

I have created these post in form of series in which I will cover up basic and useful tools in firebase.

We will create some web projects and try to get how firebase is used.

So you better follow me for next posts.

Creating Firebase Project,

Firebase don't want user to code for there backend and that's why It's very simple to create and work on a project in Firebase.
just head on to and you will see a Welcome message (if you have never created a project before)

Click on the Create a project button and it will ask you for a Project name you can keep whatever name you want, then it will ask you to accept the firebase terms (which basically have details about limits, pricing, how not to use the service) and then you can click on Continue.


Now, it will show you option to turn on Google Analytics, turn it off for now we will come to this latter, as you turn it off it will show you a button saying - CREATE PROJECT


After a while your project will be ready click continue and jump into your project console.

The Project Console

From here we will control the backend of our project, but first we have to add an App to our project to work on.

A Project can have multiple app and all the app will sharing same data or say backend.

Means project is a kind of bundle which contains app, and you can have different apps to manage different platforms like different app for each Android, IOS and Web

Creating an App

In this series we will work on Web Apps and see how to manage it through firebase.


To create a Web App click on the Web icon next to the android icon it will again ask you for a name, and will also ask you to setup hosting for this app, let the hosting be unchecked and register your app. (We will setup hosting afterwards)

After you register it will show you an SDK code copy it and keep it some where safe we will come to it in the next part of series.

Till Now we haven't done anything much, just created a new firebase Project and Registered an App in it, Now in next part of this series I will tell you how to use and implement it in your project.

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