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freeCodeCamp has Python Certifications

In addition to the JavaScript certifications offered, freeCodeCamp recently rolled out some Python certs to join in!

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These are the 4 new certifications and the material they cover:

1. Scientific Computing with Python

Python for Everybody
An introduction to Python with some regEx, networking, web, database, and even data visualization material.

Scientific Computing with Python Projects
Arithmetic Formatter, Time Calculator, Budget App, Polygon Area Calculator, and Probability Calculator

2. Data Analysis with Python

Data Analysis with Python Course
An introduction to data analysis, Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Pandas, data cleaning, reading data, parsing data, and some more core Python.

An overview of Numpy and its applications.

Data Analysis with Python Projects
Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator, Demographic Data Analyzer, Medical Data Visualizer, Page View Time Series Visualizer, and Sea Level Predictor

3. Information Security

Information Security with HelmetJS
This is a bit of JS in the mix covering web security and hashing.

Python for Penetration Testing
Material on Sockets, TCP, and Developing an Nmap Scanner, Banner Grabber, and Port Scanner.

Information Security Projects
Stock Price Checker, Anonymous Message Board, Port Scanner, SHA-1 Password Cracker, and a Secure Real-Time Multiplayer Game

4. Machine Learning with Python

Material on TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Neural Networks, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning.

How Neural Networks Work
Material on Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Convolutional Neural Networks.

Machine Learning with Python Projects
Rock Paper Scissors, Cat and Dog Image Classifier, Book Recommendation Engine using KNN, Linear Regression Health Costs Calculator, and a Neural Network SMS Text Classifier.

Note: A lot of this material is video-based while freeCodeCamp is building out the interactive content.

You can read more about the certifications here, Quincy Larson talks about the update as well as some more info on the next release. 🙂✌🏾

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