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Sean (Diddy)

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Hey all!

I'm Diddy, a Senior Dev at Koji, a platform that is changing the way that we think about software development.

While our aim has always been to democratize the creation of interactive content, in the process of doing that, we've also built a pretty amazing developer experience:

  • Cloud-based editor based on Monaco
  • Containerized development with access to the command line
  • Scoped database, with a package that abstracts away the auth and gives you a simple API
  • Streaming debug logs (no more ADB/Safari to see device logs!)
  • Auto-scaling deployments
  • Embeddable/shareable out of the box

The platform is free to use, and the easiest way to get started is to just find an interesting project and "Remix" it, which will clone the template and give you your own copy to start from.

Three's a ton more I'll try to share in some follow up posts, just thought the dev community may find some cool uses for this =)

Any feedback about the platform or experience is appreciated!

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Highly recommended platform for aspiring game developers or generally anyone, whether it's to blow off some stress or have some fun!