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The Joy Of Empowering Others

I’ve had the privilege of speaking at a few events this year. I linked a couple of them below.

I don’t think I can ever tire of encouraging those who wish to break into software development! Several people who’ve listened to these talks have reached out, sharing how they related to my journey, and the resulting motivation they received. When it comes to tech: the more, the merrier !

🎙 ThunderNerds - Empowering Women In Tech

🎙 CodeNewbie - Breaking Into Tech As A Mother

It's A Wrap!

Whew! We wrapped Cycle 2 of my nonprofit Our Time For Tech up at the end of May. I am so proud of our 7 fellows and their accomplishments!

Our CodeCollab fellows completed the MVP of their ShiftWork app, and demoed it for the tech community (password: XJE*PnA9).

Our BetterPrep fellows landed their first-ever dev jobs 🎉 or built skills and fortitude to better weather their job searches.

I’m currently retro-ing the Cycle 2 experience and using what I learn to plan for 2022. If you know anyone that may be interested in what we offer, invite them to join the Arit Developer newsletter so they can stay updated on future programs.

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