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Alpas Updates — 11 March 2020 Edition

Alpas Updates — 11 March 2020 Edition

Photo by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

Alpas version 0.16.0 has been released! 🚀

View the official release notes here.

Multi-part form support using Pantry, asynchronous support, managing routes in JavaScript, and added convenience methods are all available in v0.16.0.

Since our previous newsletter, we have also launched That App Show, an app for showing off apps! We created That App Show as an exercise to both create a real-world app using Alpas and to learn from our experience implementing to see how we can improve Alpas.

Many of the new updates we have introduced in this latest version come from our learnings from That App Show; including: Pantry for file storage, Notary for social authentication, and Glaze for accessing Alpas named routes inside JavaScript.

Stats 📈

From 2020–02–26 thru 2020–03–10

  • 252 unique sessions on with representation from 56 countries
  • GitHub :️ 👀 358; ⭐️71
  • 33 total Slack members

Achievements and Highlights🏅

  • That App Show — our real-world app that helps us learn how to improve Alpas while showing off the wonderful apps you are working on
  • Alpas Resources — a single page file on GitHub that highlights useful websites, real-world Alpas websites, community-crafted example apps, and other helpful resources
  • AlplasCasts added a new video on how to create and apply validation rules and guards

Progress Towards v1.0 🏃🏻‍♀️

Check out the full to-do list for getting to version 1.0 on GitHub.

Up next

We are continuing to trek towards v1.0, and improve Notary, Pantry, and asynchronous support for Alpas.

Alpas and Kotlin Around the Web 🕸

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Kotlin — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This article by Martin Hausler covers the good and the bad of Kotlin. Of course, it’s mostly good. 😎

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