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We have sponsors! Alpas Updates, 30 April 2020 Edition

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

We’ve lifted our heads up long enough to realize that it’s been 5 weeks since our last Alpas update. Wow, time flies when you’re working hard! ⏳✈️

So what have we been up to? A lot! And, when will you see what we’ve been working on? Very soon!

In our previous newsletter, I mention that we are working on a surprise. That surprise is Cleaver, a SaaS server provisioning and app deployment tool, and we are getting super close to bringing it to beta.

Not only will Cleaver make deploying Alpas apps a cinch, but since it is a very complicated app, built using Alpas, we have learned a lot and improved Alpas a TON! 💪🏽

You will see these Alpas updates in the coming weeks. And, we promise, it’s well worth the wait. 😎

But wait, there’s more good news… Alpas has sponsors!

Over the last week, Alpas has achieved the 100+ ⭐️ club on GitHub. 🎉

We have been absolutely humbled by the support and interest we’ve received with Alpas over the last 4 months since our first public release.

Alpas is still quite far from a true version one, but this milestone did help us get our first sponsor, DigitalOcean! 🎊

DigitalOcean is well known in the community for being very supportive of open source technologies. At the 100 star mark, an open source project qualifies for DigitalOcean sponsorship and receives web hosting assistance.

In addition to Digital Ocean, we have also recently received support from JetBrains. Another major supporter of the open source community, JetBrains provides key contributors with free access to their professional level tools.

Now that we’ve had time to lift our heads up for a bit, share a status with you, and take a couple of breaths, it’s now time to put our heads back down and get back to business. Exciting things are on their way!

PS — if you’d like to follow along more closely with Cleaver and would like to have early beta access, subscribe to the Product Hunt pre-launch page and we’ll be in touch!

PSS — these last few months have been something else… As the Coronavirus appears to subsiding and things start opening back up, we hope that you continue to be safe, healthy, and responsible.

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