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Alpas Updates — 25 March 2020 Edition

Alpas Updates — 25 March 2020 Edition

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

First and foremost, we hope you are doing well and staying safe in these uncertain times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember to do your part in decreasing the spread-rate of the Coronavirus and other diseases.

We have made major strides with Alpas over the last couple of weeks. Though, likely not in a way you’d might think nor are we ready to spill the beans quite yet. Stay tuned for the next edition as we will likely have something pretty awesome to show you. 🎁🤐

Stats 📈

From 2020–03–11 thru 2020–03–24

  • 207 unique sessions on with representation from 49 countries
  • GitHub :️ 👀 262; ⭐️76
  • 35 total Slack members

Achievements and Highlights🏅

Progress Towards v1.0 🏃🏻‍♀️

Check out the full to-do list for getting to version 1.0 on GitHub.

Up next

🎁 Stay tuned for the surprise… 😎

We are continuing to trek towards v1.0, and improve Notary, Pantry, and asynchronous support for Alpas.

Alpas and Kotlin Around the Web 🕸

How to create a fully functional blog with Alpas

This three part series walks you through creating a fully functional blog from scratch using Alpas. This is a great guide that takes you through some core Alpas functionality; such as, databases, validation rules, and working with Pebble templates.

Curated list of things you can do now that your stuck at home

We scoured That App Show listings and curated a list of apps and services that will help you learn new skills. Why not use this time to make yourself for marketable?

Even more things that you can do now that you’re stuck at home

Since there are so many awesome apps listed on That App Show, we created a second list with things that you can do in order to pass time, be more productive, and do some Spring cleaning.

— — —

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Top comments (2)

psfeng profile image
Pin-Sho Feng

Very interesting project, looks very promising!

I was wondering if you have plans to support coroutines? I see that you have async support via CompletableFutures but just asking since you're doing pure Kotlin :)

ashokgelal profile image
Ashok Gelal

I'm one of the main authors of Alpas project.

First of all, thank you!

For the co-routines support yes we do! We just wanted to get something out quickly and because of the maturity of CompletableFuture, we decided to go with it first. But, we have already added preliminary co-routines support and we are using it ourselves (it's already available on the next branch).

We have also added co-routines support to the queue backend recently.

We still have some work left to do in co-routines area but our approach has been to use the framework ourselves and add whatever is missing (we have written about 10 apps so far using Alpas and most of the new features and libraries have been written for those 10 apps)