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Ten Days of Code: by NIT Dgp Introduction

What is 10 Days of Code


[There is also a discord channel, you can contact through the number and mail in the website if you want to join the server]

10 Days of Code as the name suggests is a 10 day initiative taken by the NIT Dgp to encourage young minds to take up coding and take them through a comprehensive process of building a project from scratch. So participants are divided among 4 projects, each projects have their mentors who guide the participants to complete the tasks and the final build.

The mentors are a part of GNU/Linux Users' Group, NIT Durgapur. The best part is that whatever contributions you make will be considered for Hacktoberfest 2020. Since hacktoberfest requires 4 PRs and there are 4 tasks i.e the participants has to make a PR for each task and by the end of 10 Days of Code, every participant will have 5 PRs and hence will be qualified for Hacktoberfest. Also there is a final open innovation challenge for 3days where the participants had to innovate their projects.

I was a part of the Noughts and Crosses project, and our mentors were:-

For every task we were given resources and guides, also regular sessions were held to solve doubts and give ideas on how to execute the next tasks.

In this series I will walk thorough my tasks, how I approached them, what resources I followed, and finally how to make a Multiplayer TicTacToe. :)

We had to fork the repo provided to us. This is my fork:

The problem statements are here:

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