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Setting up react app from scratch [Workshop recording]

This past Saturday, May the 30th, 2020, along with ~30 engineers we held a workshop where we built a react app from scratch. We started with an empty terminal and added dependencies until we eventually worked our way to rendering content with React. As we added those dependencies we explored what each of them was doing and how they would play into the React ecosystem.

In the workshop we installed webpack, babel, eslint, prettier, react, react-dom, jest and @testing-library/react. In between I shared some hot Vscode, productivity, and interview tips!

Many of the engineers in the audience were either students or recent graduates who were looking for frontend roles. Thus I took more of an enterprise approach for configuring and optimizing your react apps for production setting in a very basic way. Part 2 will be in a couple of weeks :D

This is pretty much the first time I'm sharing something like this on the web but I think there are many engineers (new comer or veterans) that might find this beneficial, so any feedback is greatly appreciated

I hope you can find some value from this tutorial! :D


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