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Digital Ocean Hackathon Submission - Part 1


One of the resolutions for 2021 I made is to write more and engage more with the community — what better way than to be part of a hackathon. I have been an avid Heroku user and have been using it for a while now. I loved the simplicity and ease with which you can deploy any application without many efforts. So when I heard about the App platform from Digital Ocean, I was excited to try it out. I have been learning about it for a month now and like how easy it is to deploy static and dynamic websites with ease. I will share my journey and comparisons in future posts.

What I am building:

I am building a game which I have named Watch The Block. It is a memory game focusing on remembering the old and new states. As a player, the game is straightforward; you must remember the most recent added Block to the game board. The more blocks you guess, the more points you score. It also has a ticking timer to keep players on their toes.

Category Submission:

Random Roulette

How I built it

I have build it using Angular. Digital Ocean is being used to deploy the static site. There is no backend as the only thing I am storing is user scores for which I am using firebase.

Stay Tuned for more...

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