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Python tutorial for beginners

What is Python?

Python is a popular programming language. It was created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum.It is one of the most easist programming language nowadays.
Reason for Python popularity is due to the buzzwords - Big Data, Data mining, AI, IOT, Machine Learning etc.

Now, these are the areas where it is easier to work with Python vis-a-vis Java. And these are the areas where Python is used more than Java . Python is being supported by large scientific community and academic institutions who have developed lots of library that makes easier to do jobs with Python.

Python is a scripted language and is dynamically typed, so it’s usually easier to kick off a small project.

Features of Python are

a. Easy

Python is very easy to learn and code.It is easier to get started with python due to its simplicity.

b. Interpreted

It is easy to test and debug as python is intrepreted language(line by line)

c. Portable

You can run Python on Windows, Mac, Linux or any other platform.

d. Object-Oriented

It supports classes and objects.

e. Free and Open Source

You don't need to buy costly licenses, it is free to use and supported by large number of python communities.

f. GUI Programming

You can use python to develop graphical user interface using dia

g. Large Library

Python provides you with a large standard library. Many academic institutions and scientific communities has developed large number of libraries which can use to apply for almost all the problems.

Frameworks available in Python

a. Django

Django is a high-level open source Python Web framework. It takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without using boiler plate code.

b. Tornado

Tornado is also open-source web framework, written in Python. It is known for its excellent performance and scalability.

c. Flask

Like Django, Flask is a web framework written in Python. It is a micro framework because it does not need certain libraries and tools. It also does not have form validation or a database abstraction layer. However, you can make use of extensions to add extra features. Pinterest and linkedin are some of biggest users of flask.

d. Pyramid

Pyramid is lightweight web framework. It is used to create web appication in easy way.

e. Bottle

Like Flask, it is a micro-framework for Python. It is used for web development. Bottle is known for its speed, simplicity, and light-weight. A single file can run both Python 2.5+ and 3.x

f. web2py

Written in Python, web2py is another open source web framework.It follows model view controller architecure(MVC) for web development.

g. NumPy

NumPy is an open-source framework for Python. It is used for scientific computing. It supports large multidimensional arrays and matrices, and functions to operate on them.

h. SciPy

SciPy is a Python library that you can use for scientific computing. It has modules for linear algebra, interpolation, fast Fourier transform, image processing, and many more. It uses a multidimensional array from the NumPy module.

Let's create some very simple program to add two numbers




Here is python tutorial series.

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That's all about Python tutorial for beginners.

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