How do you work through a problem?

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I'm curious what everyone here does when they are faced with a particularly stubborn issue.

This could be with anything, programming, graphic design, QA, etc.

For me specifically, if StackOverflow doesn't have the answer I need I look to the community. If it's a problem with my own code, then I check to make sure I can replicate the bug. Then I run the debugger to see if I can find the issue quickly.

I move from there.

How do you all do it?

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Hello arswaw!

Just my thoughts, but here's what I usually do

  1. Google google google google google
  2. Debugging with logs & print statements
  3. Write the problem down --> break it down to smaller problems if applicable
  4. Ask someone experienced (which happens most of the time)

I'd still love to learn more about how the process of how people resolve a problem.


I find success personally by reading my code backwards when debugging my troubleshooting ;) . Something I learned in one of those Zed Shaw python books.

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