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Art Hicks
I am a software architect, business owner, and student of life. Founder of @viviscape and co-founder of @dronebroker.
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I have worked with a variety of Wysiwyg's in the past.

What is a Wysiwyg?

"Software allows content to be edited in a form that resembles its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product, such as a printed document, web page, or slide presentation."

Or Simplified: A Html or Content editor

They really have help provide a rich experience for end users that are coders and not non-coders interact with your application.

Here are a few of the top choice I have selected that I have worked with.

1.) Summernote (Arts Choice - Offers AnglarJs Directives)
2.) MediumEditor (Simple/Clean)
3.) TinyMCE (Feature Rich - Popular)
4.) CKEditor (Feature Rich)
5.) KendoUI Editor (Flexibile)

There are many others that I have worked, but this is my list of go to's.

What's your favorite Wysi? 😁

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Nicolas Bailly

OK so I don't have anything interesting to contribute but... Am I the only one who read this title with the voice of "Kuru Kuru Kururin !" ?