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useful chrome extensions

In this post, I’ll be listing down some basic popular chrome extensions I find really useful. I know it is not a big list, I shall add more with time.

  • Chrome is an amazing web browser but we all know it has its cons. It can eat up all your 8GB of ram if there are a lot of tabs open. Imagine having 8Gb of ram and working on Android studio along with 10 tabs open in chrome. The hack that I use to deal with this problem is an extension called The Great Suspender, it suspends the tabs after some time. It just replaces the current page with a local HTML page. And that’s about it, you just saved some memory for your system. Jai Shree Ram!

  • OneTab for reducing tab clutter in your browser.

  • Vimium is an extension that helps you manage your browser by only using your keyboard. Vim users will find it really helpful.

  • Grammarly helps with an error-free typing experience. It also shows you the mistakes for you to learn.

  • Duck Duck Go is great for privacy but the drawback is that it might not give you your desired search results. Duck Duck go enhancer integrates the search google button and movie rating system to duck duck go. Shout out to my friend Sayak who built this really useful tool.

  • Octotree helps you navigate within your GitHub repo codebase on the web.

  • Dark reader - This extension batmans every single thing on the website. Really useful when you work in Gotham low-light city.

  • Push bullet - Share attachments and text across your various devices with Push bullet. You can also use it to share things from chrome to your friend’s chrome. You can stop using the WhatsApp web for this.

  • Momentum - This is a nice aesthetic personal dashboard for your new tabs. It greets you with quotes and some good looking backgrounds. It also has a todo, weather, Google search, etc built-in integration. If you are looking for more productivity with todo, Taskade is your place

  • Focus mode - You can add a list of websites that messes up your productivity. Once enabled, it blocks all the mentioned websites for the time being.

  • I don't care about cookies takes care of your cookie pop-up warnings.

  • Notion Web Clipper helps you save useful websites directly to your notion.

  • HTTPS Everywhere is an extension which automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure "HTTP" to secure "HTTPS". It will protect you from people sniffing what you are browsing, and etc.

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Abhishek Uniyal • Edited

Have you tried InitTab? Found this startup sometime ago... They replace your new tab page with useful content. Designed for Devs!