Custom Website Design vs Template Website Design - [Infographic]

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The middle east has a predominantly cash-based economy. Majority of payments in the UAE are made in cash rather than online transactions. With nearly half of the world population estimated to be internet users, Dubai has decided to hop on the band wagon and make its mark in the world of ecommerce. Dubai, being the second largest emirate and having a central location as well as an open economy, is guaranteed to flourish in the trade market. Since Dubai is home to high tourism activity and a wide variety of businesses, it has great potential for becoming a booming e-commerce hub. Most businesses online are using SEO optimized website to extend their reach to target audiences. Since, web design is considered a key instruments in the success of an online business, choosing between a pre-made template and a custom design can be a defining moment for the overall effectiveness of the website.The following infographic compiled and designed by GO-Gulf clearly explains why opting for a custom web design is a smarter choice.

web design vs web templates

A custom made web design can be optimized according to the brand, business goals and visitor needs. A greater user experience can be generated with a website designed specifically for the target audience rather than using a template designed for the general audience. Furthermore, a custom built website has proven to last twice the lifespan of a template i.e. a custom design has been calculated to last up to 3 years while in comparison a template lasts up to 1.5 years. Custom built web designs often come along with a built in SEO support system, which a template often lacks. Due to this factor, a template requires a higher SEO investment in the long run, inevitably increasing the overall project costs. In the end, it all comes down to the ROI. Custom websites have consistently proven to provide a higher return on investment whereas templates often do not have the capacity to generate significant business resulting in a low ROI. Custom built websites have a tailor-made CMS that is capable of further expansion without risking your security, a feature which a pre-made template usually lacks.


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