I Know You're Tired

Ashlee Boyer on May 30, 2019

Life is really hard sometimes. We're all going through something. You're not alone. What you're doing is hard work. It's taking up a lot of your e... [Read Full]
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This article definitely hit home for me, even though I'm dealing with things unrelated to work that are dragging me down. But sometimes you just need to let yourself feel the pain without piling judgements on yourself and keep moving. Even with all the sublimation and coping strategies in the world, there will still be some pain you just need to learn to cope and bear with.


Sometimes pain just has to pass through you because there is nothing you can do with it except watch it pass. If you trust that it will pass, and believe it whole heartedly, it will.


Sometimes you don't want to be in this life. You want to die.

Sometimes I feel something like that. When I'm alone at home, I always speak myself like "I bored this job, I hate this job".

Until I'm saying "I hate life, I don't want to live", I always think something like that.


And why is that if I may ask ? Perhaps the first step is to identify and perhaps try to get rid of what is bugging you ... I know it's not easy there no life debugger or any plugin for that.


Things tend to be better from there on. Even probably is on your side now <3


I wanted to wait until I get back home before becoming active here.
But this article was on point.
I quit my job last month, am on vacation visiting friends all over the country (Germany) to calm myself and finally stay with my friends for more than a weekend. And I even found new ones.

In the next few weeks I'm launching my local "development studio" aimed at making low priced websites for locals like haircutters, yoga studios, horse-riding clubs and many more.

I hope that with myself as a boss and the until now very grateful customers and self defined deadlines everything becomes less stressful.


Recognizing and accepting to be tired, without being sorry for that, is the way that leads to a more humanized work society. And sharing feelings is the first step toward relief.


Good post, we all go through tough times, and expectations can seem overwhelming. It's good to be reminded that we're allowed to take a break to recover, even if it's just for a short nap during the day. Do whatever you need to do, people will understand.


Good timing with this post, I needed that. [Psychic] Dog mom to Trooper ...


Thanks for your post Ashlee, all of us need time somtimes, time to thinking, time to take a breath, and it's ok when this moment come.
Mental health is very important!

(Sorry about my English :p)


Can I add that well many can make it through their moments on there own. Some may need help to make it through. And that's ok. so if you can help and they accept it, help them.

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