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Ashlee (she/her)
Ashlee (she/her)

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🚨 Live Tonight: Build an Accessible React Component #2

Last week, we built an accessible Breadcrumb component. The video is still on Twitch (I'm moving it to YouTube soon) and I also wrote an article with everything we accomplished:

Tonight, at 7PM EDT, we're building another random component! We'll spin the widget wheel as stream starts and let fate decide which one for us. The link you need is below, and it's the same link you can go to in order to follow me if you want to be notified when I go live!

🌐 Twitch Link:

Hope to see you there! 🤗

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Ashlee (she/her)

Weren't able to make it tonight? No worries! You can watch the video (temporarily) here: