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Web Creator: The Profession of an Inspired Generation

We've all heard of web design and web development, but what about web creation? The term concept of the "Web Creator" is rapidly gaining ground in an era where digital natives are taking over the job market. The umbrella term defines people capable of manipulating and leveraging the web to create unique experiences, tools, and services.

Elementor, an innovative "web creation" company, was founded to enable the impending explosion of web creation experts entering the job market. Designed to help creators recognize their potential by simplifying and enhancing the website building process, Elementor has been effectively fuelling the web creator revolution for some time now.

Recently, Elementor's proprietary research discovered that the "web creator" field is currently at a crucial catalyst point. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, creators have found a voice, purpose, and community in the digital world.

Indeed, the number of web creators grow by 67% since the pandemic began, and 77% say they expect the environment to continue growing in the next five years.

The Ultimate Career for Digital Natives?
Demand for digitally-focused jobs has increased drastically in recent years. Digital roles topped the list for positions becoming more popular in 2021. We've begun to realize en masse that the most valuable, future-proof roles, are the ones that can survive in a fully digital landscape.

The rising popularity of the web creator profession also comes from the fact that younger generations of digitally-savvy professionals are essentially taking over the workforce. Millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce, and by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be powered by this group. All the while, Gen Z is beginning to explore professional opportunities and plan a future in the digitally-enhanced workplace.

Elementor's research found that around 67% web creators today are Gen Z or Millennials, and around 55% of Millennials rely on web creation as a full-time job. This is a massive contrast compared to Baby Boomers, 19% of which claim to be full-time web creators. The shifting generational balance in the workplace is allowing for a future where "building websites" and designing things isn't just a part-time hobby - it's a lucrative, valuable career.

As Elementor notes, the rise of the web creator role isn't just an insight into what kinds of jobs younger employees are looking for. We're seeing significant demand for people capable of manipulating the web - particularly since the pandemic. 68% of creators experienced a surge in demand since the outbreak of 2020, and 78% say they expect demand to grow in the upcoming year.

The Era of the Web Creator is Here
Over the last couple of years, we've seen a significant shift in the employment market. The most in-demand jobs of 2021 can all be done remotely, according to LinkedIn's talent report. What's more, LinkedIn notes that around 150 million new technology jobs will appear within the next five years. This digital revolution means a career change for a lot of people, and new opportunities for natives already exploring the web creator industry.

As the concept of the "web creation" field continues to gain steam, it offers a rising crowd of new, passionate employees an opportunity to shape the landscape of tomorrow. After all, it's the web creators who will build the landscapes we traverse for everything from grocery shopping to communication with friends in the years to come.

Perhaps even more significantly, the web creation landscape promises a future where professionals can take true pride in their jobs. Around 80% of millennials say their families are supportive of their career choices today. 78% of web creators are proud to identify themselves with the title.
The web creation landscape is open and diverse. People can come to this carer path from multiple avenues, including design, development, marketing, and more. There are also endless opportunities to expand and grow. The digital landscape makes it easier than ever for those with a creative mindset to continue updating their skills and offering new services.

Welcoming the Web Creator Vertical
Of course, for the future of web creation to be truly successful, the right systems need to be implemented to support, guide, and empower these new professionals. This is something Elementor has begun to explore, with a playful video posted on its YouTube channel intended to kick-start the conversation about the "Web Creator" landscape.
The video explores the potential and skills of the people who run the "web-based" world we all live in today. It examines the unique mindsets and capabilities of web creators, who walk among us, seeing opportunities in the digital world like threads of code in the matrix.

Along with the video, Elementor created a new community hub full of genuine web creator stories to help align, inspire, and support this budding career path. The hub includes templates to design sites like those which appear in the video, as well as interactive features, learning opportunities, and a host of digital goodies.

There's no denying the web creator landscape is here to stay. As we all continue to spend more of our time, both at work and at home, in the virtual landscape, we'll continue to rely more heavily on the people who know how to build and navigate the space.

In the new digital era, the future will be made up of two types of people - those who travel through the digital world and those who create it.
image source: Elementor’s YouTube channel

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