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Sell On Zalando with Automation

The best way to characterise the Zalando marketplace is as the world's largest digital ecosystem, with over 4,000 brands of apparel and fashion accessories. Zalando is the undisputed leader in European fashion retail, with a network spanning 20 countries.
zalando one of best marketplace in Europe.

Automation Selling On Zalando

Zalando is the most popular eCommerce portal in Europe, specialising in fashion and lifestyle items. If you wish to sell on this marketplace as well, Zalando Integration is the best option. This Zalando Magento connector ensures that the Magento store and the Zalando marketplace are in perfect sync. You may also access, control, and administer everything from the Zalando extension's unified platform.

Feature of Zalando Connector:

Bulk Product Upload:
The Zalando Magento Connector makes it quicker and faster to upload products to the Zalando marketplace. Sellers may pick and choose which products to upload in bulk with a single click, saving time and effort over doing it manually.

Manage Multiple Accounts:
This addon allows vendors to effortlessly manage their many accounts. Sellers can manage all of their marketplace accounts from a single platform thanks to this extension's unified panel.

Inventory and Price Upload:
The vendor can use this capability to simultaneously upload inventory and product prices to the Zalando marketplace. It eliminates manual tasks and saves time for vendors.

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