What's your stack to write Cloud services?

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Hey all,

I was wondering what kinds of tools the community here uses for developing applications in the Cloud. We've gone through a variety of iterations over the years from the LAMP stack to the JAM stack for "web apps" but we're now approaching a place where "Cloud services" are a thing and with that requiring a different architecture, a different kind of scale. A lot of this is underpinned by Cloud computing, AWS, managed services, Kubernetes, cloud-native technologies, etc, etc.

What is your stack to write Cloud services? And a more general question. Will we ever see a standard development model for the Cloud? The way mobile has iOS and Android.


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Go (Golang) is a great stack to write Cloud services in. The standard library has build-in packages for HTTP servers/clients, JSON/XML, parsing, databases, and encryption.

The major Cloud providers have Go APIs for their services. There are many open source libraries that support API tooling like swagger, gRPC transport, monitoring, ORM, and JWT to name a few. You can also use things like GoKit/Go Micro for service frameworks in your services.

Most importantly, the Go runtime has tools for race detection, benchmarking, code gen, and static analysis.