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Do we build our own OS or not?

askneilpatel profile image Neil Patel ・1 min read

We are considering to fork Android or create our own OS with Linux for our open source metaverse.

I’m looking for opinions from the community to help me understand the pros and cons of making this decision.

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Martin Jablečník

My questuon is: Why you want to make your own mobile operating system?
Is it only for a study how it works or for make your bussiness or have some great idea how make it differently and why it should be used by other people?
Right now exists many various OSS mobile projects like: Ubuntu Phone, Plasma mobile, /e/ or others where you can join to their comunity and help him so why create some other new project??

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Andrei Dascalu • Edited

To create your own OS is by far the most efficient solution in terms of requirements. If you want the greatest reach and reasonable running cost, Linux rules. Of course, this has more development cost in that you need some kernel knowledge and possibly the ability to tinker with various drivers and dependencies.
Android is easier but at the same time the overhead of it running in a VM on top of Linux for applications means you need better hardware to offer a smooth experience.
The OSS version is not as polished as the OEM version which some manufacturers license (if you are Samsung you can for sure dedicate resources to polish up based on OSS).
In the end I guess the ultimate decision is based on your resources.

oussamajabnouni profile image
Oussama Jabnouni

i'm interested in the same project, i did a lot of research and i think forking android is the easiest way because create OS with linux is so hard and need a lot of resources, @askneilpatel this is my email, contact me if you need someone to join you guys.

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