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Ping to (ASIA -> NYC) is faster than reasonable

I wondered why is so fast. I read all available posts there is about

Today, I pinged and response time was < 60ms. The server location showed NYC, fastly. I tried pinging linode, vultr, digital ocean NYC data-centers and non of them showed < 200ms. Mostly between 200-300ms. I even pinged my empty new fresh NYC server and it was still above 200ms.

To be extra sure if really has NYC servers, I pinged from one of my NYC server and has multiple NYC IPs and all ~1ms.

How come fastly or response so fast? Where no others can't. What I'm missing? Is fastly really that fast? It doesn't even reasonable to response from NYC when I'm far in asia

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My guess is an edge CDN. Does use cloudflare?

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Ande • Edited

I know they use cloudnary along with fastly. After inspecting the http requests you can tell they use AWS and Heroku too.