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6 Programming Trend Predictions for 2020

Software development is one of the few businesses where one needs to be continually involved in learning new languages and programming tactics, as the trends keep on changing at an exponential rate. A programming language or technology stack does not have a long life in the field of software development unless it is reinvented and packed with a newer set of features from time to time.

Programming trend predictions for 2020:

PWAs Will Become Mainstream

There are way more web developers in the wild than native platform-specific developers. Companies and developers would love to save their money and time and reuse their resources.

Web Assembly Will See More Light

Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of languages like C, C++, & Rust. As the amount of data grows, it will be harder to keep a good performance & that’s where WA comes in handy.

Always Bet on JavaScript

The 2010s was the decade of JavaScript. We’ve seen a massive spike of JavaScript growth, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Rust Will Be More Important

We’ve seen four years of strong growth of the Rust language. 2020 can be the year Rust will officially become significant in the industry.

GraphQL Adoption Will Continue

As our applications grow in in complexity, so do our data consumptions needs. GraphQL is a superior solution to fetching data compared with a traditional REST API. It’s used by teams of all sizes.

Functional Programming Is Here to Stay

Modern popular programming languages like Kotlin, Dart, & Julia all support FP and its features. Functional programming is on the rise and it is becoming more widespread. Read More

What Are Your Predictions? Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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