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Terms Every Android Dev Should Know


An accelerometer is a sensor that measures the acceleration of an object in order to determine the movement of a mobile device.


An instrument that measures the orientation of a device in order to orient the display.


The emulator is an application that duplicates the functionality of the hardware or operating system for testing purposes.

Native App

An application that is written in a programming language that is directly compatible with the target platform.

Native Bridge

The native bridge is an abstraction layer that gives non-application access to mobile device APIs.


A view that displays web pages within a mobile app.

Splash Screen

The first screen is visible to the user when the app is launched and used to display some illustrations and animations.


(Software Development Kit) A set of programming tools and resources built to aid software development on a particular platform.

Hybrid App

A mobile application is written on web technologies that use a web-to-native abstraction layer.

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