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Asmit Malakannawar
Asmit Malakannawar

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How to improve Logic in Programming?

Your logics ain't working?

You can't deny the fact that logic is the fundamental key to become a good programmer. You might be getting frustrated when you don't get logics in programming or your logics aren't working. Don't worry...

How to get better at programming logic?

Until and unless your brain won't do a lot of practice, it's impossible to get the logic in programming.

Here are 5 steps by which you can improve your logic in programming...

1. Solve new problems everyday

  • Once you solve a specific problem don't repeat it for more than three to four times.
  • Your brain has to prepare itself for the new challenge to reduce the response time and get the logic in programming.
  • Get exposure to real-life problems and it will help you to write code for new challenging situations.

These are some popular websites on which you can practice coding:

2. Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Data structures and algorithms (DSA) goes through solutions to standard problems in detail and gives you an insight into how efficient it is to use each one of them.
  • Developers also have to make the right decisions when it comes to solving the real world complex problems.

3. Moving on Level by Level

  • Practice enough for a variety of questions at the easy level, then move to some intermediate program.
  • Again move to the next level or more complex problem and solve a lot of problems.
  • There are different practice websites with different levels of problem sets, make sure to practice through that and improve your programming logic.

4. Divide problems in smaller chunks

  • First, try to understand the complete problem and find out what exactly needs to be done.
  • Think about the problem carefully and write down on paper what steps you need to take in order to solve a specific problem.
  • Think about all the case scenarios, steps, input or variables that you need to take in order to solve it.
  • Take your time to write a proper algorithm and then start coding the problem set.

5. Check other people's code

  • Check code written by other developers on Stackoverflow, GitHub, and learn from it.
  • You eventually need to think over it and use your brain or logic to solve a problem and get the correct solution.
  • It also helps you to find out the easier solution or various methods for the same problem.

6. Make Projects

  • Working on some real-life projects gives you more exposure and experience to become better at programming.
  • Make calculators, eCommerce projects, personal portfolio or anything that you love to build.
  • When you build a project, you go through a lot of difficulties and you debug a lot of problems that help in building the logic in programming.

Last but not the least don't lose motivation. Facing problems when using logic in programming should not affect the determination of programmers but instead motivate them to push harder, thus learning more and acquiring enhanced skills.

Hope this article helped you and gave you some insight on logic building.


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