Changelog: V2 Editor Autosave!

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Have you ever inadvertently hit the backspace button, moved to a new site, or refreshed accidentally when writing a DEV post? Because, I totally have.

We implemented autosave for the v2 editor so that if any of those things happen, your post will still be there when you come back!

It uses localstorage, so nothing is saved permanently to the server until you actually press the save or publish button.

Here it is in action (the blip is me refreshing the page) πŸŽ‰

autosave editor

If you're using the v1 markdown editor with frontmatter, you can switch over to the fancy new v2 editor in the misc section of your settings!

the v1/v2 editor toggle

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Hopefully this will ease folks' minds if they're writing in the browser.

If you are wondering about when this change will be available for v1, the most likely case is that we will add the ability to write both frontmatter and non-frontmatter posts in the v2 editor and sunset v1 as a separate chunk of code.

This is mostly an implementation detail, as there will still be two types of editors for all intents and purposes. And don't worry, the body of the post will always be expressed in markdown, because markdown is awesome.


That definitely makes most sense to me. I'd love to use v2, but I usually write frontmatter posts, so I've stuck with v1. I would hope that v2 would have that option.


I'm just going to refresh the page every 30 seconds as I'm typing, because yolo. Great work Ali! πŸ’ͺ




This is a great addition! πŸŽ‰


Hello, I am the guy who have written the post called "Improving the way of saving posts on Dev.to while writing" few days ago. And I want to say

Thank you


Very very cool! I love new features in web projects. They are well structured and makes sense, it's like, you always wonder in the end how we'd managed without it. :)