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TBF, I use !important to override styles coming from a 3rd party library. But that's about the only case. Otherwise I agree with what Scott Tolinsky said on, don't use !important, ever.


Although it can be used in countless horrible ways, I think it has its use cases and I think it depends on how you use it and why.

If you’re interested, have a look at this article that explains it quite well.


Same. Sometimes it seems to be required, like when styling a non-iframe plugin that could be embeded anywhere.


If you use inline styles you dont need to override anything :`(

body div#wrapper.wrapp-class div article.notice {
    content: 'too damn right';

Well - this should work without !important :D.


Introducing !importanter! For when your !important gets !important-ed and you need to !important it right back!


!important is the main reason I started using utility first css.


not sure whether to laugh or cry, so i do both ❤️

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