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CSS Cheat Sheets!

We all know that Peter Griffin Family Guy gif of him unable to work some blinds. This gif is always associated with the frustrations of CSS. Something changes, then something breaks. Why do people have these issues? How can you improve your CSS skills? What are the key concepts that you need to understand to write clean, maintainable styles?

This week on the Ladybug Podcast, we talked all about the nuances of CSS -- what it is, how it works, and how to get better at it.

And, we made you all some cheat sheets to remember it all!

Shoutout to Emma for making these!

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The Box Model

The content is in the center.<br>
This is surrounded by padding.<br>
Then comes the border.<br>
And finally margin!


Descendant selector: You can use a space to denote a descendant selector. This matches all elements which are descendants of a specified element.<br>
Child selector: Use a greater than symbol (>) to select all elements that are immediate children of a specified element.<br>
Adjacent sibling selector: Use a plus sign (+) to select all elements that are adjacent siblings of a specified element. They must have the same parent and immediately follow this element.<br>
General sibling selector: Use a tilde (~) to select all elements that are siblings of an element.


Static: the default positioning of HTML elements.<br>
Fixed: Element is positioned relative to the viewport and stays in the same place even if the page is scrolled. It’s also removed from the document flow. So elements in the DOM pretend like it’s not even there!<br>
Relative: Element is positioned relative to its normal position.<br>
Absolute: Element is positioned relative to the nearest relatively positioned ancestor. If no ancestor with position of relative is found, the element positions against the document body.


Block: Starts on a new line and spans the entire width.<br>
Examples: h1 - h6 and p elements<br>
Inline: Displays inline with other elements. Any height and width properties, as well as margin-top and margin-bottom have no effect.<br>
Examples: a and span elements<br>
Inline-Block: The element is an inline element, but can be formatted with width, height and top and bottom margin.<br>
Example: a tag with width/height properties

You can listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts!

Also, check out our second CSS episode, where we dove even deeper into discussing layouts, animations, and best practices!

We have more cheat sheets for that episode too!

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codingsam profile image
Coding Sam • Edited

I used to hate CSS but the more I learn about it... The more I love it. I think people don't usually like it because they don't understand it. Most developers don't really know the power of CSS 😄
This cheat sheet is really well made and simple. Thank you so much! 👍

csharplove profile image

Lol I hate it but I will take a break and be patient with css once you learn it you start loving it ,is frustrating

jeremy profile image
Jeremy Schuurmans

This is so good! Thank you for putting these together! Bookmarking this for easy reference.

jasterix profile image

This is amazing. Thank you!

djpandab profile image
Stephen Smith

Great listen! Learned a few things.

karlkras profile image
Karl Krasnowsky

Nice to see you trying different professions! (Stephen A Smith) 😄

zed_m profile image
Amine Hammou


sansseryph profile image

These are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing them

dominicduffin1 profile image
Dominic Duffin

OMG these are amazing!

nickster13x profile image
Nick Paul

Thanks for the cheat sheet. I have a love/hate relationship with css. Today I love it!

olisun profile image

Thank you!

raisaugat profile image
Saugat Rai

Awesome illustrations of properties.

angelarae63 profile image
Angela Whisnant

Thank You!!! This is awesome!

lwatson2 profile image
Logan Watson

This is great!

garrett profile image
Garrett / G66 / megabyteGhost

Extremely useful! Thank you

mohamedelidrissi_98 profile image

Positioning used to confuse the hell out of me back when I was learning CSS for the first time

tmamedbekov profile image
Tony Mamedbekov

Useful stuff, thanks!

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