Announcing JSON {BIN} IT! service to store your JSON files

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Since one of our favourite services to store JSON files went down (myjson.com), me and my pal @mino89 decided to write a new one by our own: that's how JSON {BIN} IT! was born 🦄

This service is ideal for hobbies projects, MVP and any other situation where you don't want to create a data storage. Using JSON {BIN} IT! is really straightforward, you can create a new JSON directly from the website or sending a POST request to the API endpoint


including the JSON you want to store in the body of the request.

{ "value" : 2000 }

The response will be something like

{ "bin" : "l088fgWQ" }

where bin is the id of your JSON that you can retrive sending a GET request to another API endpoint,


{ "value" : 2000 }

The service is still in beta version, is open source (https://github.com/jsonbinit) and there are some good first issues in the repositories, any contribution or suggestion would be appreciated!

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great job! Take a look at my service also datoji.dev


Hey Davide! Thanks ❤️ our service is really simple, Datoji.dev looks great and full of awesome features! Looks great 👍