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Tapas Adhikary
Tapas Adhikary

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Try Chatwoot, an open-source customer engagement suite to set up multilingual live chat support.

Customer engagement and relationship building are the primary pillars to grow your business and sustain. A great product may not just be enough if customer engagement is lacking. We need a better way to talk to our customers, build a relationship, make it easier for them to reach us anytime from anywhere.

Let me introduce Chatwoot, an open-source platform to take care of all your customer engagement and relationship goals, all from one place. Chatwoot helps manage conversations, giving your customers real-time support and the ability to communicate in 25+ languages.

Chatwoot and its features

To get started with chatwoot, you can create an account to get started within a minute. Alternatively, you can also host your version of chatwoot from the source code. First, let us create an account and get to know the excellent features.

Browse to and create an account by providing your details like name, email id, account name, and password. Once you verify your email id, you will get full access to the new chatwoot account. Please log in using the credentials to access the chatwoot dashboard. The dashboard is the single place to manage interactions for multiple customers related to one or more products/services/websites using several agents.


You can do the follwings with Chatwoot,

  • Set up your customer support team
  • Connect Inbox - Your customer service channel
  • Adding the Chatwoot support to your website
  • Prserve Chat history
  • CSAT Survey
  • Add Contextual Labels
  • Add Canned Response
  • Generate Reports
  • Integrate other Applications like DialogFlow, Slack, and many more.
  • Multilingual Chat Support

Please visit this article on the to know about these features in detail,

For everything Open Source, follow @aviyelHQ or sign up for early access if you are a project maintainer, contributor, or just an Open Source enthusiast.

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