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How should I start my cloud journey?

Atharv Redij
Someone who loves to code. I do a lot of web development and some competative coding using python.
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Hello everyone, as you may have read from the title I want to know How should I start my cloud journey?

I am currently working in a service based company as a junior developer. I am good at web development. I have been working on React and NodeJS for some time now and I want to learn cloud (particularly AWS) to get better at full stack development and good job opportunities too :).

Now the question in front of me is how should I get started? I know there are plenty of resources, free and paid on the internet. But I am not sure which one should I choose. My primary goal is not to just pass the certification exam but to actually learn and use the best cloud practices.

I have found this course on Udemy.
Have anyone of you taken this course? If you know some other course or tutorials, please let me know.

Also, after learning about AWS what kind of projects should I work on to solidify my knowledge?

Your suggestions and tips are appreciated.

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Jonathan Law

Phew cloud is a big thing and it is easy to get lost!
Personally I have not taken any paid course, but learnt it by building projects, utilizing Google free trainings and Youtube.

The best way to get started would be to start with the basics, such as building your own portfolio website and hosting it on your fav platform (AWS). Since you are into React and NodeJS, you can start figuring how CI/CD works, where you code it, push it to repository and it builds and automatically deploys.

Then going more advance, you can look into setting up databases where your portfolio can pull data from, and while setting that up, look into best practices and most importantly, securing and managing your cloud resources. Searching "aws best practices", you can see that AWS themselves publish tons of practices.
AWS has a great free tier that you can utilize so it wont overshoot your budget.

I'm suggesting this path as you mentioned you are a developer, but if you are into infrastructure, then there will be a lot more we could go on with, but I the idea is the more you use it hands on, the better you get at it!

I started by out creating mini projects and my own website too, which really helped me grasp the concept of CI/CD with Cloud deployments.

All the best!