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Integrated Build to test, build gradle, automate labels, and much more in single Workflow for Android

My Workflow - Custom Android CI with Gradle

I am a newbie ,to GitHub really fascinated with the Communities present on GitHub and how they works, who likes to contribute on OSS.
So this was my first try to GITHUB ACTIONS.I thought of the tasks which can be automated using the Actions, The options provided were really cool to automate the stuff on a repo.So firstly I added the test,and gradle build with changes integrated in continuation(CI-continuous integration),committed it

Hurray!!! Build Successful

I got quite excited with it. As I tried Integrating the Travis CI integration but somehow required a heck lot of time for setting up the integration(I was new to it).
Later, when my first small Pull request got Merged in google/docsy one of its maintainer commented "Nice,Thanks" ,It gave me a crazy dopamine boost.
In short, that comment made me move more towards the OSS contribution.So, I decided to add the automated the First PR message for First Commits.

When I was checking repos I saw the labels added on them. Those have made me understand the basic purpose of the PR at just a glance towards it.This was the reason I add the automated labels in the workflow.
So, this was the first workflow Created by me using Custom GitHub actions.

Alt Text

Custom Android CI with Gradle build

  • Integrated Build to test
  • build gradle
  • automate labels
  • Greet the First PR Workflow
  • Broken link checker
  • Add new contributors directly into the README with their images

Submission Category: Maintainer Must-Haves, Wacky Wildcards

  • This will Surely help maintainers to check automated tests,
  • gradle build,
  • Check First PR and appriciate them,
  • automate labels on the PR
  • checks Broken links in README file
  • Add new contributors directly into the README


Additional Resources / Info:

Project That uses the workflow:


Android CI Codacy Badge GitHub

This app consists of events happen in VIT college

This is a F.Y. software project.

This app works on Android Platform only.

This app is built using Android Studio, Java language, FireBase Authentication.



MIT License



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