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Athul Muralidhar
Athul Muralidhar

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The Universal Compiler for Markdown proposal

  • we see an increase in markdown as a standard for documentation all over the internet
  • we already have transpilers, compilers that compile between languages
  • The leap from existing transpilers to a transpiler from markdown to whatever target language is a matter of time.

Some examples of current use in Markdown can have a computer language like syntax, for ex:


echo "deadly command"
rm -rf *
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you actually type:
backtick backtick backtick bash
your code
backtick backtick backtick

or python


print("have you tried importing this?")
import this
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same with python:
backtick backtic backtick python
your code
backtick backtick backtick

So the backticks can actuly identify the target language that the code snippet points to. In that way we can have a meta program that chooses what compiler / interpreter the code snippet should go to

So with such back-ticks followed by language name, we can make one MD file with multiple languages in it. What do you guys think?

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I'm unable to understand what you're trying to convey here. Can you please expand on it and give some examples. There might be a good idea hiding in there

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Athul Muralidhar Author

Hey, Yes - it was pretty cryptic. I hope this edit makes more sense haha