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Added authentication and Single user blog publication - @dsabyte

Previously i posted about the starting of the project. Now, i have added few more components to the project which i would like to share with you here.






It's a token based authentication. To sign-up, you need to have a valid email address, then just enter the required details on the sign-up page and submit it.

If everything works fine, then you'll get a verification link on the mail.


  • user-profile, this is a just basic user profile component and i am not focusing much on this.

  • edit-profile, here you can edit name, bio, status and avatar.



Here you can write any blog and publish it.
Refer this blog for more information about how to wite a post on @dsabyte

See published blogs


See example blog

Upcoming feature

  • dark mode
  • edit blog feature
  • save as draft blog feature
  • hide blog feature
  • suggestions etc

Thank you for reading this post and tell me if i can improve something in this website.

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