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Release version of @dsabyte

After coding in several late nights and weekends, i finally releasing my website @dsabyte

What is @dsabyte

It is going to be a dedicated community for data structures and algorithms, the intention of this community is not to teach students rather let them discuss the real life problems togather.

Features of @dsabyte

Well, currently it does not support so many features, but some of them i am going to list below.

1. Theme

@dsabyte supports two themes as of now, dark and light.

Dark Theme


Light Theme

light theme

Post List and view post

You can see all posts written on @dsabyte
post list

Series Post

In this post, you don't just write a single post, rather you create a series of posts. So, whenever any user loads your website, he/she can see all the posts written under that series.


Online editor

There is an online editor, where you can write markdown texts for the post. This editor also supports dark and light theme.



Making a post private

When you make a post private, then it will be removed from the posts list, but it's public url won't be lost. go here to make the post private.

Please have a look at @dsabyte

Thank You ❤️

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