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Building a time tracker app in NextJs with MongoDB

What is the time tracker app?

I always wanted a way to keep track of day to day activities. For example, i want to know that how much time i'm investing in study, sports, coding, prep, etc.

If i have record of all these things, then i can easily decide that which area need more time and which need less.

This application is built for the same purpose.

How to use?

1. Go here

Here you will see a sign-in button, clicking on that button do signin.

required to save your data into DB

2. Create/Select TAG

TAG is a notation of your todo type. Suppose you are reading about javascript, and you would link to know that how much time you are providing to the javascript.

Then you can create a TAG named javscript.

To create TAG click on Track button.

Here you can either create or select the TAG

4. Start the timer

After creating the TAG, you can click on the GO.

5. Save the data

After timer finishes, you can save the data into DB and comeback to the home page.


Thank You

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