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3 easy & thoughtful steps to really be smart with your smartphone.

Probably you’re reading this article on your laptop, tablet, or on your smartphone. But if you are reading it on your smartphone there’s a huge chance you may be distracted while reading it. Why? Maybe there’s going to be a popup from the notification that’s gonna drift your attention towards itself.

The smartphone is a technology in which smartphone companies tried their best to give meaning to the smart in the phone. Smartphones were made smart to help us do things smartly and save our time. In short, it helps us do everything productively even if it is entertainment.

Here are few tips that you can follow to really be smart with your smartphone:

1. Remove🧹 the apps that you don’t use at all.

This is not something that makes a huge impact but still is impactful. And if you know the power of compounding then the little efforts you put into something can compound into something big.
Choose any day of the 1st week of every month and check which apps you don’t use at all.

For example, currently, we all might be installing applications that are related to vaccine registrations. But after the vaccination process is over it won’t make any sense to use them at all. And this is just one example we tend to collect many such applications which were only the need of the hour. So let's clean it up by uninstalling the seasonal apps.


  • Cleans🧹 up memory.
  • Reduces RAM consumption✨ which these apps were doing in the background.
  • And hence increases battery🔋 life.

Not a deal-breaker but it’s something similar to cleaning your house. And your smartphone is probably the place where you stay the most. I mean mentally 😉.

2. Stop🛑 those annoying useless notifications🔔.

Notifications have now become a part of our daily life. Notifications were invented to notify or to remind about something to do or something that has happened. However, they have become so frequent that the time we take a grasp of one thing another notification pops up.

Solution ✔️:

Make a list of all the apps or start by picking a one by one from the app drawer and think whether you really need to get notification alerts🔔 from this app.

For an instance let’s say you have apps like Gmail📧, ABC Music Player🎵, XYZ game🎮, and so on so forth.

So, we know the mails from Gmail are important so we would like to receive them but getting notifications from the music player and game apps that don’t make sense while doing work and they can be too much distracting as well as tempting.

Nonetheless, it’s better to turn them off. It’s about the priorities in life. It can change if you are a hardcore gamer 😉.

3. Get more😇 done with fewer apps.

I have often seen people making the mistake🥺 of installing multiple apps with the same functionalities. If you have to choose between multiple apps with the same functionalities then choose in terms of feature.

One of the important features which I consider is being able to use the same app across multiple platformsso that you can be on sync across your multiple devices.

For taking notes I used Google keep however now I’m using Notion, Spotify for music so that I can have my playlist access on my other devices too. You should feel like you’re part of an ecosystem.

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