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3 Resources for Remote Jobs

If you're searching for a remote job, or looking for a career change, there are some great resources available right now. The world is increasingly becoming more and more digital and virtual and more and more companies are now shifting to remote offices and hiring for remote positions. Remote jobs in tech, encompassing engineering, design, product, marketing, operations and many more are so prevalent it's important to get organized in your job search.

we work remotely

1) We Work Remotely

The largest remote work community in the world, We Work Remotely (WWR) has over 3 million visitors and companies like Google, Amazon, and GitHub have all hired for remote positions on the site.

metaverse jobs

2) The Metaverse Jobs is a site dedicated to showcasing open positions in the metaverse, encompassing augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs, crypto, gaming, entertainment, fashion, & more. You can expect to find positions from companies like OpenSea, Roblox, & Facebook. You can easily filter for remote-only jobs by selecting the "Remote" button.

flex job

3) Flex Jobs

FlexJobs might be the original site to search for remote flexible jobs. They've been a resource for remote jobs since 2007 and offer filters for part-time and full-time work. They've been featured in CNN, Good Morning America, & The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. was born out of the need to find a remote job and have since grown into a platform that helps anyone and every company find talent around the world.
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Also wanted to pass along Metaverse Resources as another resource for the metaverse.

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Vladimir Stajilov

Can you please add ?:)

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Molly Grant

I also recommend looking for a job here This site helped me a lot six months ago when I was looking for vacancies for myself. Highly recommend