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Ideas for Building Your Online Freelancing Business

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In today's world, we can contact lots of people in the world via the Internet. Therefore, there's no better time to start a freelance business. Here're some ideas that you can use to start your freelance business and start making money.


There are 7 billion people in the world and most of them are literate. A large subset of these people knows English. Therefore, we can write to a large audience in the world by writing things in English. It's a big audience that can't be ignored.

Whatever you're slightly better at than anyone in your audience, you can write about it. You can teach people, write fiction, write about the news, etc. Whatever you can get people to read after trying some ideas, you can double down on it.

Your work can be delivered in a your own blog, someone else's blog, other online publications, etc.

Social Media Consultant

Once you have some experience in managing your own social media profile, you can help other people's social media profile. Managing social media presence is a lot of work and coming up with and testing social media strategies is even more time-consuming.

Therefore, lots of people need help with their social media strategies and management. Lots of people also have a hard time getting their social media profile to take off, so if you're good, then toy can definitely help them with increasing their reach.

Creating WordPress Themes

A large portion of the world's blog runs on WordPress. Most people want their WordPress blog to look good. So if you're good at design and programming, you can help create new WordPress themes so that you can make a good looking blog for other people.

Your theme can be put on ThemeForest or TemplateMonster for people to buy in addition to creating custom WordPress themes for other people.

Perform Research

Performing market research tasks for people can earn you money on the Internet. Many companies need people to help research certain subjects to help them with online investigations every day.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Lots of businesses need help but can't afford to or don't want to hire full-time employees to help with administrative tasks. Therefore, this is where virtual assistants come in. If you're a virtual assistant, you can help whoever hired you to do administrative tasks that your client doesn't want to do.

People often need someone to help make travel arrangements, pay bills, or manage expensive reimbursements.

As long as businesses need help with administrative tasks, then there's work for you. How much you make depends on your level of experience and expertise.


There's lots of opportunities to start a freelance business online. Companies need help with lots of things like manage their social media presence, researching things, and various administrative tasks.

Also, people need content for their publications and website. And they need their website to look good, so there are lots of opportunities to build a business in both areas.

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Tayamba Mwanza

Where can I look for virtual assistant jobs?