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Useful Free APIs — Anti-Malware

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In the software development world, practice makes perfect. Therefore, we should find as many ways to practice programming as possible. With free public APIs, we can practice programming by creating apps that use those APIs.

In this article, we’ll look at some practice project ideas that can use some of those APIs.


There are APIs that let us prevent hacker attackers on the Internet that we can use for free.


The AbuseIPDB API lets us get the reputation of the IP, domain, or URL.

An API key is required for authentication.

We can use it to check an IP, domain, or URL in various blacklists and reports.

Also, we can get IP addresses that have good reputations.

There’s in usage limit to this API.

Google Safe Browsing

The Google Safe Browsing API lets us check a URL with it to let us know whether a URL is reputable or not.

We can use it to find out whether the URL is safe to make a request to or not.

An API key is used to access this API.


The urlscan API lets us check whether a URL is a phishing URL.

Like the Google Safe Browsing API, it lets us check against a database to see whether a link is safe and which website we can trust.

An API key is used to access this API.

There’s a rate limit imposed on this API.

Submissions of URLs can be done automatically with this API.


The VirusTotal API lets us upload a file to check if there’re any viruses in it.

We can retry the scan.

We need permission to upload files bigger than 32MB in the size.

Permission can also be obtained from this API.

Also, we can use it to check whether a URL is safe to go to.

And we can also check domains and IPs to see if they’re safe.

An API key is required to access this API.

Web Of Trust (WOT)

The Web Of Trust (WOT) API is another API that lets us check the reputation of a website.

We can submit a URL and this API will return whether this URL is safe to go to or not.

An API key is required to access this API.


We can use various APIs to get us check whether a URL, domain, IP, or file is safe with some free APIs.

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