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Aurélie Vache
Aurélie Vache

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Understanding Network things: part 2 – IP address & CIDR

I've got a secret for you, since several years. I'm a developer and I'm a mess in undestanding network things! :'(

It's hard to not understanding things that anyone seems to understand and understanding network concepts can be difficult or time-consuming, specially for developers. That the reason I started to create sketchnotes about Network concepts. I think it could be a good way, more visual, to explain it.

In this second article, we will see IP and CIDR concepts.

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

As usual, if you like theses sketchnotes, you can follow me, and tell me what do you think. I will publish others sketchs shortly :-).

If you are interested, I already published sketchnotes about Kubernetes, Docker and Istio.

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Paul McGuire should be Otherwise, nice article!